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Machine Swim School & SwimLabs Provides a Nurturing, Safe, Positive environment for individuals of all ages & levels to further their swimming skills. Professional Instructors examine each child's or adult's individual needs to ensure they are in the proper program to maximizing their potential.

Our new purpose built facility provides a calm, nurturing environment for all levels of swimmers. 

Our small individual pools with warm water & warm air temperatures make swimmers comfortable in the water at all times. We provide one on one instruction, semi- private (2:1) instruction or group lessons with a max of 4 children per class.

Machine Swim School & Swim Labs members of all ages & abilities will have access to technology that provides instant feedback to the swimmer. 

Each pool is outfitted with our state of the art VIDEO CAPTURE SYSTEM to record a 360 deg view of your stroke.   Under water & above the pool mirrors provide  instant technique feedback regardless of level. Our camera's feed to an individual monitor for the specific pool to allow swimmers to instantly review their mechanics.

In addition, all pools have live feeds to monitors in the waiting area so parents, friends & family can monitor the swimmer's development. 

Should you choose a private lesson; at the end of your session, your instructor will create for you a Media book, a multimedia presentation that will highlight all of the analysis done during your session, so that you will be able to take that analysis home with you, to aid you during your practice.

Already a USS, YMCA or other competitive team member? NO PROBLEM! Come on in and have a video analysis done to take back to your home coach for additional feedback.

For Machine Swim School group lessons, we are offering a unique continuous monthly program that will allow students to progress independently at their own pace while working on benchmark skills to successfully complete each level we feel this will reduce the stress of registration dates and sign up processes involved in other programs.

Machine Swim School instructors number #1 goal is for all members to be safe in the water & have the tools to succeed regardless of level.   They will develop each individual’s skills by equipping them with bio-mechanically sound techniques and a progression that will enable them to develop their swimming through life.

Like any new skill a child is developing, every student masters skills at a different rate. We are fortunate to be able to work with your child at least 1 time per week for 30 minutes but mastering new skills is a partnership of teacher and parents.  It is critical to your child aquatic development that you take them to the pool and work with them on the skills they have learned.  

It works best if you view swim lessons much like your would a music lesson or other sporting activities, students need to practice their instrument (stokes is this case) to achieve continued improvement.